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VODAFONESamsung Galaxy S3 Blue FREE 

Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue

Mins Texts Data
500 + 3000 + 500 MB


£12.00 Per Month


Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

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Samsung Galaxy S3 is a new age of smart phone bringing high power, a beautiful design and a real sense between user and smart phone. See the full Samsung Galaxy S3 information lower down the page.

Price Comparison and Samsung Galaxy S3 Deal Finder

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue

Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue
24 Months

4G Tariff

500 Minutes
3000 Texts
500MB Data

Save 45.45% on line rental via redemption cashback.


£12.00 Per Month

Free Delivery


Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue

Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue
24 Months

4G Tariff

1000 Minutes
3000 Texts
+ 1GB Data

Save 38.10% on line rental via redemption cashback.


£13.00 Per Month

Free Delivery


Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue

Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue
24 Months

4G Tariff

1000 Minutes
3000 Texts
+ 1GB Data

Save 38.10% on line rental via redemption cashback.


£13.00 Per Month

Free Delivery


Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue

Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue
24 Months

4G Tariff

500 Minutes
3000 Texts
500MB Data

Save 23.53% on line rental via redemption cashback.


£13.00 Per Month

Free Delivery


Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue

Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue
24 Months

4G Tariff

500 Minutes
3000 Texts
500MB Data

Free Gift
Google Chromecast
Save 40.91% on line rental via redemption cashback.


£13.00 Per Month

Free Delivery

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 Beautiful Design
Samsung Galaxy S3 Beautiful Design

It sees what you see, it listens to what you say, it knows what you want. Samsung Galaxy S3 Redefining Smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S3. A beautiful seamless designed mobile, this Samsung Galaxy S3 offers a tiny 8.6mm thin design at a 133g feather light weight making carrying it around easier than ever and using it more comfortable and easier than ever to use.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Quality Screen
Samsung Galaxy S3 Quality Screen

People asked for a bigger screen than the S2, so that is what Samsung gave, view everything with quality on the amazing 4.8 Inch HD Super AMOLED Touch screen and really watch things come to life. One the Samsung Galaxy S3 Playing Games, watching movies, reading books, it can all be done with quality and the very best standard. A bigger screen means more can be viewed and seen with quality at one time and multimedia files are more exciting to watch while out and about. Navigating is easier than ever through this mobile with seamless and fluid movement from screen to screen. Slide your finger to glide from screen to screen, a light tap and your selection comes to life and a pinch of your fingers to zoom into the very best details.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Operated
Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Operated

Operated by Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich the Samsung Galaxy S3, this mobile has the very best in entertainment, straight from Google Play. Games, Books, Movies and Apps by the thousands to browse through, explore and enjoy. Fill your phone with your favourite of everything and always have something to do on those dull days, or on that boring commute to work. Movies and books of every genre so you are spoilt for choice, Apps for almost everything you can think of and Games of every type so wether you like to use your head with the word and puzzle games or want to fly through the streets on racing or action games you can find them all right here.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Google Mobile Services
Samsung Galaxy S3 Google Mobile Services

Not just that but with full access to Google Mobile Services you can keep up with everything even on the go. Use Gmail, You Tube, Google Calendar, Google Talk and Google Maps to name a few so you are always on top of everything. Then there is Samsung Galaxy S3 Beam, the newest most exciting way to share data, files, multimedia, webpages and contacts, wirelessly. Using NFC Technology you can do it all quick and simple without need for hassle or wires. Being the newest most exciting feature in a mobile, NFC Technology is wanted in every decent mobile and of course it is featured in this one.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Exynos
Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Exynos

As for power, Samsung Galaxy S3 has something new, a processor of their very own, the Samsung Exynos. Providing more capability than a 1.4GHz processor and with Quad Core ability this processor ensures that speed is the top priority. Downloads happen immediately, features load straight away when you ask them to, movements are fluid and the whole mobile experience is smoother and more advanced than ever. Waiting around is a thing of the past, this mobile does things when you want it to and not after it has finally finished loading. Game effects are more realistic than ever and with effects at such quality movies and games really do come right to life in front of you.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera and Video
Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera and Video

Take photos on the amazing 8MP camera and really keep memories at hand. Photos are full of colour and life even if taken in the dimmest of lights thanks to the bright LED Flash. Never forget your favourite memories when you can re-live them and share them with everyone who missed out like you have gone back in time. Zero shutter lag means when you press the capture button your photos are instantly taken and no photo opportunity is ever missed. Not just that but with a 1080p HD Video Recorder you can capture your life as you live it with every detail and every emotion caught on video, making sharing even more exciting. Make sure distant relatives do not miss out on the most exciting parts of your children's childhood, or make sure your favourite holidays and trips are caught for you to re-live again and again, all in quality.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Front Facing Camera
Samsung Galaxy S3 Front Facing Camera

Not just the one camera, but with a front facing camera you can take photos of yourself or get in on the action. If you are not a photo person but still like to capture your memories then capture HD Videos on the front facing camera, but never miss out on any photo opportunity with the ability to still capture photo while in the midst of recording.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Seeing what you See
Samsung Galaxy S3 Seeing what you See

Intelligence on a whole new level this mobile offers the very best responsive features. Seeing what you see this mobile shuts when you do with Smart Stay, keeping the screen bright while you read long emails or ebooks without dimming down. Listens when you talk with S Voice, natural language voice lets you speak to this mobile and it will respond. Simply bring your mobile to life by greeting it with a 'Hi Galaxy' and let it know what you want to know or what you want to do, and this mobile will do it for you, no touching needed.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Premium Suite Update

The ever popular Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone is getting the premium suite upgrade from Samsung which makes it even more wantable to get yourself a Samsung Galaxy S3 deals, see the SAmsung Galaxy S3 video on the premium suite below

Samsung Galaxy S3 Black

So if the top selling smart phone samsung galaxy s3 wasnt popular enough, there seems a possibility that the handset may arrive in black colour also

Samsung Galaxy S3 pop up play

The pop up play feature on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great feature whereby you can do your favourite things simultaneously, picture in picture allows oyu to watch a video and yet in another window send email or texts, this is great as you do not have to stop doing what you wasdoing and still get what you required done.

Theyt are just examples but what the Video and see what more you can do with pop up and play with the Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 a normal day

The day in the life, Samsung Galaxy S3 video shows and allows you to feel what using the Samsung Galaxy S3 is all about.

The samsung galaxy s3 shows a greatness in both design and performance, with its hyperglaze back panel and super marble white and pebble blue colours. The natural shape of the Samsung Galaxy S3 enables you to take the perfect grip

Samsung Galaxy S3 camera

We all know the camera on the samsung galaxy s3 is great quality but even the smart phones wants to produce even better photos. When you take a photo with the Samsung Galaxy S3 the camera, a burst of 8 is actually taken, meaning you can choose the best one from the bunch, so no more closed eyes or just didnt quite catch it right, as you can pick the best one from the lott

Yet another reason to buy samsung galaxy s3 deals

Even more colours expected for the Samsung Galaxy S3

Reports of a samsung galaxy s3 black were available last week but now there could be even more choice later in the year to match the samsung galaxy s3 specs. Brown, red and black could be launched, which will make having the Samsung Galaxy S3 even more of a personal choice.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini?

Is there a being Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini released soon? There seems to be rumours of a smaller version of the popular handset, a Samsung press release soon may reveal more.

News that the Samsung Galaxy S3 may be available in a different colour later in the year

There have been reports that a samsung galaxy S3 black may be released at some point this year and deals on contract will be available if offers are made available in black

Samsung Galaxy S3 beam

The beam facility on the new Samsung galaxy S3 allows you to easily share content and media when people are close by, so now sharing things with your friends and family is so much easier.

Amazingly you just touch phones to beam, thats it just carefully touch the Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phones together

If you load the content that you want to send to a friend then touch the phones together and tap on the touch screen to transfer, hey presto the other person will have it on their Samsung Galaxy S3 too.Check pit the beam video below, which is part of Samsungs tutorial videos

There is so many nifty features like this on the Galaxy S3 that will make using smart phones so much easier as they are so much a part of our everyday life.

Samsung Galaxy S3 smart stay

This feature allows the Samsung galaxy s3 smart phone stay alive as long as your watching it, and when your not it will sleep, saving battery power for when you want to use it.Here is avideo showing how smart stay on the Samsung Galaxy S3 works and also what would happen if it did not have this facility.

More new Samsung Galaxy S3 deals as the prices is lowered on contract, get yourself a cheap samsung galaxy s3 contract, the smart phone is now a huge sucess which was thought to be the case when it was launched after the great achievements of the best selling smart phone the S2. So check out the new Samsung Galaxy S3 contract deals.

Samsung Galaxy Beam projector phone

New samsung Galaxy with projector, there is so much you can do with it.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Competition

Rumours have been around for some time but now with some more solid information it seems the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini will very soon have a battle on its hands for the top spot, when the next Iphone 5 deals is introduced.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Keypad

As it offers a full touch screen the Samsung Galaxy S3 lacks the quality of an actual Keyboard, instead typing has to be done on an on-screen QWERTY keypad.

Using Motions

The Samsung Galaxy S3 offers many advanced features that make using this mobile easier and effortless, one of them being Motion recognition. Motion Recognition allows you to perform actions on your device by moving the device or making gestures with your hands. Easy and hassle free you can get things done in no time without having to press multiple buttons or search through any features or menus.

To use the motion features they do have to be activated first. This can be done in the Application List, then Settings and then Motion.

The Motion Gestures that are available are:

Pick Up - If you leave your phone for some time without using it, when you pick it up to use it the handset will vibrate at you tif you have missed calls, messages or notifications.

Hold to Ear - When you view a message, call or contact details and want to call that particular person, just hold the phone to your ear and the call will automatically be made.

Tilt - If you are viewing images or webpages and want to zoom in and out, hold the device with two hands tap and hold two points on the screen and then tilt the device back and forth too zoom in and out.

Pan to Move - When holding an App, Feature or Item slide the device to the left or to the right to move the item in question to another page on the home screen or App list.

Pan to Browse - When you have zoomed in on and image or webpage tap and hold a point on the screen and then slide the device inn any direction to scroll through the image or page.

Shake - You can shake the device and it will search for Bluetooth devices, doing so will also update the list of email messages, AccuWeather, Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance.

Double Tap - Double tap on the device to move to the top of a contacts list or email lists.

Turn Over - By turning over the device so it is face down you can mute ringtones, pause media and mute the Radio.

Hand Sweep - Sweep your hand to the right or to the left across the screen to capture a screenshot, this does not work while using some apps.

Palm Touch - Touch the display with the palm of your hand and media will pause and the Radio will mute.

Rotate- When the screen is locked if you tap and hold the screen and then turn it to the landscape position the Camera App will launch.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Handset

The Samsung Galaxy S3 as we know is very popular, but Samsung continue to launch new smart phones in the Galaxy range with a new one expected in July in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Beam.

Now for the back of the Samsung Galaxy S3. What exactly do each of the features, buttons and pieces do?

Samsung Galaxy S3

12. Microphone - This microphone is used for when you speak to your S3, using S Voice and for any command you give to your phone.

13. GPS Antenna - This is where your phone searches for GPS Signal.

14. Flash - Making sure that all of your photos are full of colour and life the built in Flash adds to the quality of your photos.

15. Power/Reset/Lock button - This key is a multi-function key, being your power button so you can turn your handset on and off, the lock button to lock your phone when you are no longer using it and the reset key so if you did ever need to reset your phone you could do so.

16. Camera Lens - This is where your photos are taken when you snap pictures with the main camera on the S3.

17. Headset Jack - The place where you plug in your headphones if you want to listen to music, watch movies or play games in piece.

18. Speaker - If you did not want to plug in some headphones you just wanted to play your music, movie or games aloud then this is where the noise would come from. Also where your ringtone and any other alert noises are played.

19. Back Cover - This cover protects the battery and the insides of the phone that you can get to. This can be removed if you needed to check or change your battery, sim card and Micro SD Card.

20. Main Antenna - This is where your phone searches for signal so you can still make and take calls and get on the internet.

So now you know exactly what the outside of the Samsung Galaxy S3 offers and you can really benefit from all of its features.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Touch Screen Actions

Different mobile phones work in different ways so the Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs is no exception.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Touch Screen Tips

The Samsung Galaxy S3 offers a very beautifully and highly responsive 4.8 Inch HD Super AMOLED Touch Screen and it shows off images, data, files, multimedia, text, webpages and everything else to amazing quality.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Handset

Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has now been out for some time and people more or less know what they are doing with it, how to work it and how it works, but some users still struggle on some aspects of the handset.

The handset its self and the buttons on the outside sometimes get forgotten about. So forget about the insides for a minute and lets have a run through of what everything on the outside does.

1. Service Light - This light tells you when you have notifications like missed messages and calls or Social Network Notifications and alerts.

2. Earpiece - This part is vital for hearing people when you call out or receive calls in. Letting you hear what people on the other end of the line are saying an earpiece can be found on every Smartphone.

3. Volume key - This dual button lets you change the volume of everything that comes out of your phone. Turn up or down music, turn up or down the volume of your ringtone at that time and so on.

4. Home key - This Button lets you quickly and effortlessly get back to the home screen wherever you might be. Quickly jump to the home screen when you are mid text or mid feature and then return to wherever you were without a hassle.

5. Option key - This button lets you bring up settings, options for a particular feature and even change settings for said feature. The option key does offer multiple options to do multiple things.

6. Jack - This socket offers multiple functions, the place you plug your charger when you want to charge up your phone, the place where you would plug a Data Cable or USB Cable for transfer and uploading. Basically the place you plug anything specific to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

7. Front Camera Lens - This lens is where your photo will take when taken with the front facing camera.

8. Proximity/Light Sensor - This incredible sensor is the place that calculates the distance between the phone and another subject. For example when you use your phone to make a call the Proximity sensor is the reason your phone light goes off when you lift it to your ear, so you do not accidentally press buttons when on a call.

9. Screen - This is where everything happens, the multi ouch screen lets you see everything this S3 offers and does with amazing quality.

10. Back Key - This key lets you go back to any previous feature or page. Instead of having to start all over again a quick click of the back key can let you jump back to anything you were previous looking at or using.

11. Microphone - This is very important when calling so that other people can hear you when you speak. The microphone is also the way the S3 hears and understand what you say when you address it.

Samsung Galaxy S3

So its release is in full swing and even after a few problems with the making of the blue handset all is now well and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is flying off the shelves.

Stay Connected with your Samsung Galaxy S3

One of the most important features in a Smartphone now is the ability to connect to other phones and other devices. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently the most wanted mobile out so lets see exactly what you can connect up with this incredible mobile.

Of course there is the now standard on a Smartphone WiFi connectivity, letting you link up with your internet at home wirelessly so you can browse your favourite webpages and sites. Also, now with hundreds of Wi-Fi Hotspots nearly everywhere you go, you can link up even when out and about and always have your internet up and running and ready to go.

Getting more advanced, one of the newest features you see on Smartphones is NFC Technology. Near Field Communication lets you wirelessly link up with other NFC enabled devices, wether phones or other gadgets and share data, files, multimedia, webpages, photos, videos and whatever else you might want to share, all with just a tap of the back of the phones.

Not only do you want to share with other mobiles but sharing photos, videos, multimedia and whatever else with larger groups of people is easier than ever with DLNA. This exciting feature lest you link up with big screen devices, like your TV, so you can share with larger groups of people with ease.

Finally, connecting your phone with your computer to transfer data and files and so on can sometimes be tricky, but with the new KIES Air from Samsung you can wirelessly transfer whatever you want and need to and from your computer effortlessly and in no time at all.

Keeping connected with your mobile phone is more than important right now and this Samsung Galaxy S3 deffinately has that covered.

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Some things you did not know

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been out for a decent amount of time now, long enough for everyone who wants one to get hold of an S3 without a hassle and really explore and enjoy all of its amazing benefits. Also long enough for its tips and tricks and those nifty things it does that people do not know about to be found out.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a fantastic at multitasking and although it has no recent apps quick button you can still access your recent apps. Simply press and hold the home button for a couple of seconds and watch it open. You can then switch between apps or close them by swiping them left and right off of the display.

Getting to the top of long lists like messages and contacts lists can be a boring job, now with the S3 Tap to Top feature you can quickly get to the tops of lists without a fuss. Simply double tap with your finger next to the headphone socket and watch the S3 scroll you straight up to the top of whatever list you are on. This feature can be turned off and on in the Motion section of the settings menu so you can choose wether you want it on or no.

Never miss any photo opportunity when you can launch the camera quickly from the lock screen. Tap and hold the screen when on the lock screen and then rotate the S3 t the landscape position and watch your camera come to life, ready to take all of your exciting photos.

Do you have things on your screen hat you sometimes want to share but are not quite sure how to get them onto your Social Networking Sites or to messages to other people? Well now you do with a screenshot. It has to activated by you but you simply turn on the 'Palm Swipe to Capture' feature in the motion setting menu and then when you want to take a screen shot slide the side of your hand from left to right or vice versa and a screen shot will have been taken. You can find these screen shots in their own folder in your Gallery.

Finally, if you are listening to music or watching a film or video and you want to pause it for just a second but without the hassle of pressing buttons and fiddling about. You can pause it by just covering the S3 with the palm of your hand. This feature can also be turned off in the Motion section in the settings menu.

Making using this mobile even more fun and exciting, tips and tricks are always good to know.

Talk to your Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has the very best in advanced technology and one of the newest features it offers is S-Voice.

Android Phones

With Android the Worlds most popular OS everyone wants to have it and everyone wants it to operate their Smartphones, so the Android Phones are continually expanding.

Have your very own Samsung Galaxy S3 Today!

The release date of the New Samsung Galaxy S3 is finally here!

The Day is Here!

Finally, after months of waiting and anticipating, you can have the Next Galaxy for yourself.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories

The release date of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is drawing extremely close with now only a few days left to wait.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories

The release date of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is growing close very quickly, with now only a few days to wait until it can be ours.

Less than a week to go!

Time is slowly creeping up on us and since its official release on the 3rd May it seemed to be a long wait until the day we could have the Samsung Galaxy S3 for ourselves.

The Wait is Nearly Over!

With over 3 weeks passed since its release the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been one of the most anticipated phones ever and now all we can do is wait until it can be ours.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release

So we waited long enough to see what this mobile did and if it was even real, or just a load of rumours, then when it was confirmed and the specs were released we went from waiting for one thing to waiting for another.

The Samsung Galaxy S3

The official announcement for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is here and it certainly is something with the Samsung offical code Samsung Galaxy SIII GT-I9300.

The New Samsung Galaxy S3

Finally it is here, the next best thing to come into the mobile industry, the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now a very popular phone, not just by word of mouth or rumours but because of its spectacular features, gorgeous design and action packed specs. Its first beautiful feature you are amazed by as soon as you see this mobile is the large 4.8 Inch HD Super AMOLED Touch Screen.

Bringing everything to life this display shows off things how they are meant to be seen. Feel part of the movies you watch, play a lead role in the games you play, become the main character in the books you read and watch pictures come to life right in front of your eyes. Everything is vivid and clear on the crisp screen and even text is sharp and edgy, everything can be viewed with more clarity than ever before.

Not only is viewing more exceptional than ever but navigating is seamless and smooth. Gliding from screen to screen and choosing features to use is effortless and simple, with high responsive times a light tap of this screen will grabs its attention immediately.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Tip

See Samsung Galalxy S3 direct Call

Samsung Galaxy S3 Direct Call

A great feature on the new Samsung Galalxy S3 is a neat trick whereby you are in the middle of texting and feel a more personal call will be better or even just to save time, simply just life the smart phone to your ear and will will automatically call the person you was texting, basically the Samsung Galaxy S3 does the work for you.

There are times in everyday life where this makes things just that little bit easier, if you want the amazing new smart phone we have automatically done a comparison of our best samsung galalxy s3 deals above so you can easily find the top deal on contract.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Video

See the Samsung Galaxy S3 Advert

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Sim Free Preorder

Samsung Galaxy S3 Sim Free preorder

We now have Samsung Galaxy S3 sim free deals on preorder.

Now has been added to the Samsung Galaxy S3 deals a sim free offering of the latest smart phone on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Sim Free is expected in very early June so get your sim free offer, or select from one of the lpre orders for Samsung Galaxy S3 contract, which will be available on all UK major networks.

Samsung Galaxy S3 official specifciations

Network/Bearer and Wireless Connectivity


EDGE / GPRS (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz)

HSPA+21 (850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100)

WiFi Direct



DLNA, MHL 1.0, HDMI 2 support

KIES, KIES Air support





720 x 1280 (HD)


16 / 32 / 64GB


Pebble Blue or Marble White

Services and Applications

Samsung Apps available

Dependent on region

Game hub

ChatON available

ActiveSync available

B-to-B Compability : Sybase / Webex / Device encryption / Cisco etc.


Android 4.0 (ICS)



Upto 1300min (2G) / upto 650min (3G)

Upto 900hrs (2G) / upto 750hrs (3G)


Quad Core Application Processor

1.4GHz CPU Speed



3.5pi 4pole, Stereo

MicroSD (upto 64GB)

Micro USB available

MHL available

Audio and Video

MPEG4, H.264, H.263, VC-1. DivX, VP8, WMV7 / 8, Sorenson Spark, DivX3.11

Full HD (1080p) Video Recording & Playback

Recording up to 30fps

MP3, AMR-NB / WB, AAC / AAC+ / eAAC+, WMA, OGG (Vorbis), FLAC, AC-3, apt-X

Physical Specification

70.6 x 136.6 x 8.6mm



8 Megapixels Camera Resolution (Rear)

CMOS , 1.9MP



Accelerometer, Geo-magnetic, Gyro, RGB Light, Barometer sensor


Assisted GPS / GLONASS available

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Preorder

Samsung Galaxy S3 preorder

We now have Samsung Galaxy S3 deals on preorder, the new smartphone still looks to be very competitive on price compared to others in its class. The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be expected to arrive early June.

The phone has caused great excitment even well bfore Samsung revealed their new flagship smart phone on the 3rd May.

Pre order is availlable in blue, but Samsung do expect to release a white version also as previously mentioned.

The smart phone itself looks amazing and with some great new features and a very high specs range this really is the phone to have.

Select from the Samsung Galaxy S3 deals above for the offer that fits your personal requirements.

Samsung Galaxy S3 top sepcs

4.8 inch Amoled HD touch screen

1.4ghz quad core processor

8 Megapixel Camera

Length: 136.6mm Width: 70.6mm Depth: 8.6mm Weight: 133g

Samsung Galaxy S3 Social Tips

Samsung Galaxy S3 Socail Tags

The Samsung Galaxy S3 specs have been revealed but what can it do?

Amazing new features like the ability to look at photos and have the ability of contacting or following their recent updates on sociual networks direct from the photo, obviously if they appear in it. This even is avaialbe for multiple people in the photo, giveing you a great way to share and keep updated directly from viewing your photos.

What will be next the Samsung Galaxy S4

After the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch in London, the manufacturer gave all the specs on their new flagship phone here is a top tip
A great new feature on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is that if you are already doing something on this amazing new smart phone eg watching a video or browsing the net for example, you can shrink it and bring another item into play. So you can now do 2x things at once, rg wwatch a video and browse the net. Another great enhancement for what is going to be the new flagship for the Galaxy range.

Samsung Galaxy S3 White

Samsung Galaxy S3 White

The Samsung Galaxy S3 deals will also be available in white, confirmed by Samsujng that it iwll be released with a pebble blue and white colour. White is such a popular colour they really could not release their new Galaxy without offering it.

Now you not only have the ability to standout in the crowd with this amazing new smart phone but also make a statement by what colour you own.

The release is end of May and Samsung Galaxy S3 deals will be available to preorder when details become available to do so. In the meantime check out full information on our write up pages, including features and specifications.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue

Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue

The Samsung Galaxy deals will be available in blue, released with a pebble blue colour, very different to what has been seen before and quite a suprise. The pebble blue really does set off the contours of the new smart phone and is bound to be popular, as users will want to stand out .

The colours and design are said to be inspired by nature incorporating pebbles and water, the image shows the great effect they have achieved with this, and the results are really impressive.

Samsung Galaxy S3 deals will be available in this colour to preorder as soon as full details are available.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date UK

The Next Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be released in the UK at the end of May a date is not yet known when Samsung Galaxy S3 deals will be available.

A great new smart phone with a large 4.3 inch HD screen, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a true upgrade to the Galaxy S2.

Samsung Galaxy S3 The next galaxy

The Next Samsung Galaxy

Could this be Samsung's actual revealing of the Samsung Galaxy S3, we will have a ll the details for the next Samsung Galaxy which is tipped to best the next best selling smart phone.

With strong rumours that all would be revealed in May this looks like it could be the Samsung Galaxy S3 if not then its a different Samsung Galaxy thats also been kept under wraps.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date

After its huge official release now all everyone can do is wait for its actual release date, the date the Samsung galaxy S3 will be available to be ours. Everyone wants to hold this phone, feel this phone and really just explore what this S3 can really do.

Enjoying and investigating all of its incredible features the anticipation is even greater now than ever a people know what sort of amazing things it does but are unable to explore themselves.

The date set for its release is 30th May, mad official by Samsung themselves they are the ones to give us this very much anticipate date. To make matters even more exciting the Samsung Galaxy S3 can be pre-ordered and with some out of this world deals available for it why would you not? Why wait until it is released? Get on the case now and get your Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-ordered to be in your hands on the 30th May.

Not long now to wait but with great excitement people await the day they can own their very own Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release form

Samsung reveal the story behind the making of the Samsung Galaxy S3, as they tried to create a simple but effective design, with cutting edge technology, but emphasing on the customers feelings for the smart phone.

Here is the samsung galaxy s3 story video

Samsung Galaxy S3

Buy our best Samsung Galaxy S3 deals with all the networks compared in order. Free delivery on all Samsung Galaxy S3 contract deals.

Most Popular Samsung Galaxy S3 deals are shown at the top ensuring you see the best contract offers available.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has now reashed 20 million sales and not just that it is in record time, Following the successful release of the GALAXY S III, the stylish smart phone will be available in a variety of colors later in the year with a release in different countries of Brown, Red, Black and Gray in addition to Pebble Blue and Marble White that is already available.

  • Touch Screen:
  • Display Colours: Super Amoled HD capacitive touchscreen
  • Display Size: 1280 x 720 pixels 4.8 inches
  • Speakerphone:
  • Vibrate:
  • Polyphonic Ringtones:
  • Mp3 Ringtones:
  • Radio:
  • Std Battery: 2100mah
  • WI-FI:
  • GPRS:
  • EDGE:
  • 3G:
  • Bluetooth:
  • USB:
  • NFC: 1
  • Processor: 1.4 GHZ Quad Core
  • Camera: 8 Megapixels
  • Camera Flash:
  • AutoFocus:
  • Video:
  • OS: Android
  • Games:
  • GPS:
  • Browser:
  • Card Slot: microSD up to 32GB
  • Internal Memory: 16GB
  • Phonebook:
  • Call Records:
  • Style: Candybar
  • Length: 136.6mm
  • Width: 70.6mm
  • Depth: 8.6mm
  • Weight: 133g
  • Smart:
What's inside the box?
  • Charger:
  • SMS:
  • MMS:
  • Email:
  • Instant Messaging:

Despite our efforts to provide full and correct Samsung Galaxy S3 specifications, there is always a possibility of entering a mistake as these are manually written. You can double check with the mobile phone manufacturers website.

Manufacturers Handset Warranty - will stand with the manufacturer normally at 12 months, this can change from model to model.

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