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Samsung Galaxy Phones

A range of phones to suit all, all the features and specs that you need as another advancement on the superb series of smart phones. The latest Android operating system enables to make it your smart phone.

Incredible smartphones with incredible features, the phones family has something for everyone . Using a Samsung Galaxy is exciting with so much available and so much more options to add more.

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 just announced in the manufacturers annual event which is named unpacked and then with the year after it of course this time was 2014.

The event was about taking the cover off of the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone which has seen so many great innovative products since its start in 2009 but the first model to really take off and show that smartphones were now they way was the i9000 bought to us in 2010. This was the start of the flagship S series which has seen its maker grow from strength to strength in the fight with Apple to gain supremecy in such a competitive market.

Several handsets were tried in different mobile phone ranges by Samsung but the Galaxy family always hsa stayed with Googles platform Android, which has proved to be a great partnership.

Since then we have seen a mixture of low end and medium range handsets with different specs aimed at the lower price market, thses included the following.

  • Galaxy Apollo / Mini - Code - i5800 - Released with Android 2.1 Eclair.
  • Galaxy Ace - Code - GT-S5830 - Released with Android 2.2 Froyo.
  • Galaxy Fit - Code - S5670 - Released with Android 2.2 Froyo.
  • Galaxy Gio - Code - S5660 - Released with Android 2.2.1 Froyo.
  • Galaxy Mini - Code - GT-S5570 - Released with Android 2.2 Froyo.
  • Galaxy Pro - Released with Android 2.2 Froyo.

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 announced for sale

    We jump then to to the S range again as these are the flagship models, the SII saw a whole new ball game with a stylish plastic front and back, lightweight super design.

    Released with Android platform 2.3.5 Gingerbread the Samsung Galaxy S2 code GT9100 captured the eyes of millions of mobile users and still know there must be millions still using this ever popular model yet soon they maybe looking at upgrading to the next Galaxy as most now will be coming upto their 24 month contract ending.

    8 Mega Pxiel Camera was then pushing the bounderies of mobile technology as consumers looked to get the best from their mobile for multimedia. See all the other specs and images on the Samsung Galaxy GT-I9100 official microsite.

  • Galaxy Nexus - Released with Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Inbetween this larger screen were in need as mobile users were using mobile phones more and more for internet usage and the percentage of this was catching very quickly the desktop users which is expected with overtake it in 2015.

    With this in mind Samsung released the Galaxy Note series with massive screens and a new pen for extended usage and menus.

  • Galaxy Note
  • Galaxy Ace Plus - Code GT-S7500
  • Galaxy Ace 2 - Code GT-I8160
  • Galaxy Ace Mini 2 - Code GT-S6500
  • Galaxy Beam - Code - i5830 - Released with Android 2.1 Eclair and commonly known as the projector phone.
  • Galaxy Pocket - Code - i5300
  • Galaxy S Advance - Code - i5300
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Released May 2012

    Wow just when you thought at the time things could not get any better, at this point smartphones are hot and Samsung announce the Galaxy SIII Code GT-I9300.

    A new deign which bought more clever colours to the fore and a larger 4.8 inch screen with rounded edges and arrived with the tag line of designed for humans and inspired by nature. See more on the samsung official page

    With the S3 version so popular, consumers where crying out for an experience of the S3 yet a smaller version as users are not yet converted to the large screen models. With this the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is bought to us with a smaller 4 inch display and a code GT-I8190.

    Still sporting the same design and bringing the new experience of S3, this released filled the gap in the market that was intended.

  • Galaxy Note 2

  • 2013 saw an influx of new models as the manufacturer refreshed the Samsung Galaxy phone range with low and mid range smartphones . Specs and features were moving forward in the industry on a whole so a wide range of new and innovative models were introduced.

  • Galaxy Young - Code - GT-S6310
  • Galaxy Xcover 2 Code - GT-S7710
  • Galaxy Fame Code - GT-S6810
  • Galaxy Mega
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Released April 2013

    A new tag line as Life Companion with the design upgraded yet taking a similar look to its older S3 model, Each feature was designed to simplify mobile users daily lives.

    Slightly bigger display with 5 inch and Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) and a huge jump to a 13 Mega pixel Auto Focus camera and the power issues being complained about by smartphone users in general was hit head on with a powerful 2600mah battery. See the galaxy s4 microsite.

    A new strategy saw several variations of the S4 manufacturered with the following.

  • Galaxy S4 Zoom Code - SM-C1010 - A added camera zoom and slighly different spec, made for the ultimate camera user with a 10x opical camera zoom which added sufficent bulk to the back cover.
  • Galaxy S4 Active Code - GT-I9295 - Other phone makers have gone water and dust resistant which enabled the more active of us to have the S4 experience, yet not worry.
  • Galaxy S4 Mini Code - GT-I9190 - Following on from the success of the S3 mini a midget version of the S4 was born generally the S4 with reduced size and spec.

  • Galaxy Note 3
  • Galaxy Ace 3 Code - GT-S7270

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Release

    Set for its launch in the UK in April / May 2014, we have seen a completely new phone evolved from the predecessors with fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor, this NEW Galaxy sets itself aprt from the rest with latest technology in all of its main features and Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat) and a 5.1 FHD Super AMOLED screen.