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Nokia Lumia Phones

The Nokia Lumia Collection, offering the best in entertainment, sophistication, gaming and internet browsing, with Windows Operatoring system and incredible Internet features. Super fast, super fun and a super mobile experience. Turn everyday into a easy day with the help of a Nokia Lumia Phone.

Microsoft has confirmed over the past week that its Windows 10 mobile update will be made available to all current Microsoft/Nokia Lumia handsets when its rolled out.

The move comes in stark contrast to the notoriously poor Windows Phone 8 download process, which was originally promised to some WP7 users, only for some handsets to be left out in the cold, never receiving the update. Apparently, Microsoft isnt planning on making the same mistake again, promising that all current Lumia handsets, whether theyre under the Nokia of Microsoft branding, will receive the update. This means that devices like the Lumia 930, 1020, 530 and more will all receive the update, which is due to arrive next year.

The information came in response to a random question posted on Twitter to Microsoft about the Lumia 930. Microsoft responded by claiming that all Lumia devices will be having access to the Windows 10 update given that they are the current models. This also confirms that Microsoft is making another branding change, ridding itself of the Windows Phone name for the standard Windows tag.

This essentially means that the next update will be called Windows 10 instead of Windows Phone 10, not a major change, but one worth mentioning. Microsoft will see this move as one to calm the bad press that it has received over the year thanks to its choice to kill off the Nokia brand since its takeover earlier on this year. More bad press made its way onto the web soon after as well, thanks to job cuts made in the Nokia departments by the American company.

The Windows Phone mobile operating system has settled as the third most popular system on the market behind iOS and Android, offering a fresh new design with features that are more than capable of tackling the two big boys. The likes of Cortana, Microsoft Office and other key apps have been well received, and with its Live Tile format, the system has been critically acclaimed as one of the best looking systems ever made.

The only issue which has really affected the systems growth is the lack of apps being made available through the Windows Store, which still pales in comparison to Android and iOS, although major strides have been made in recent months. Microsoft is also trying to boost its market share for the system, with handsets like the HTC One M8 for Windows showing how a device doesnt have to be made by Microsoft to feature the system.

The Windows 10 operating system is set to be made available sometime in 2015, with Microsoft not looking to rush out a buggy piece of software which would only draw criticism against the likes of Ios 8 or Android Lollipop. Hopefully Microsoft wont fail to fulfil this promise, and ensure that all WP8 users with current handsets get access to the download.

Nokia have now pushed forward like never before with the collection giving great looking design with great spec and features.

New excitment with the smart phone camera reinvented with the introduction of the Nokia Lumia 1020, a welcome top end addition to grow the range.