Bad Credit Mobiles on contract

There are people who have had payment problems in the past, and that have been turned down by the UK networks or declined for a 24 month contract on the latest mobile phones.

Face facts we all want a mobile phone but maybe CCJ's, IVA's or even bankruptcy is stopping us doing so and generally this has been due to circumstances we have been unable to control. EG loss of employment or moving home or even having no credit history at all.

Why do I keep getting refused for a mobile phone?

Simply put the networks, after using their own credit scoring system, probably think that it is too muck risk to ensure that you pay the bills , as with top handsets they have to subsidise the upfront cost of the smartphone. This process could cost them hundreds of pounds and giving the applicant one for free means they have to have the monthly bill paid to ensure they at least get their monies back.

When a credit check is performed you will get one of a possible 3 answers back:

  • 1. You have been 100% approved and you will receive your phone very soon
  • 2. Pay a deposit and get it refunded on your X bill
  • 3. You have been declined!!

1 - Is great but how do we get to that, a great way of giving yourself the best way to get accepted, is to try and choose a mobile phone and tariff plan that has as much low cost per month as possible. This will then reduce the amount of risk that the networks take and there is more chance of you being approved. his can work with some and dependant on the deals at the time.

2 - Many also have this scenerio, where they are asked to pay as small deposit eg £75 an then maybe receive it back after 6 months clear bill payments, this can even be for a top mobile like iphone 6, samsung gaalxy S5 or even a HTC One.

This is a great opportunity to get on the ladder as with just that small deposit you are then connected and if you carry on paying your bills you will then be able to upgrade as time goes on.

3 - This could happen on all mainstream UK networks so aprt from going for just a sim only package or a pay as you go, you have the option to move to sa network that doesnot perfrom credit checks and gives 100% guarnateed pass and a upgrade after 6 months.

How to get a contract mobile with bad credit

What we do

The aim is to provide a direct place for customers who are looking for advice on how to get a pass with a low credit score, or provide information on companies that provide the offers with 100% guarantee of a credit check pass with a freedom to just choose which plan is best for you.

This would also is a great opportunity for Students who may move address for short term or parents looking for phones for kids with bill caps to avoid high tariff bills.

Take a look at who seem to show some inforamtion.

How do I find out my credit score?

Each persons credit score is different and is set by different critea and different credit agencies like Eqifax and Experian.

These normally have a monthly sign up service to keep an eye on what is happening on your account and what your personal score is at the point, they use a complex system based on mathmatics to take your previous historical financial commitments and produce a score known as the credit score. This then is taken by the lender (contract phone suppliers) and dependant on their criteria will decide on a pass or fail on that application.

Some times free trials are available, so it is worth checking out.

How do I improve my credit rating?

With the agencies they will also give expert advice on how to improve, loosely this will involve financial like keeping up with your monthly bills or even sometimes things out of your control like "opportunistic fraudsters" and can help with Internet ID Surveillance with WebDetect.

Do No credit check contract mobile phone deals exist?

Simple answer is YES they do.

What are the Benefits of these offers?

The network that offers these is called Shebang, you can check out their website.

Guaranteed - There is no credit check.

Flexibility - shorter term contracts.

Number - keep the same number that you have now.

Choice - Large range of tariffs and differnet phone models to choose from.

Safety - Capped price plans to avoid the suprise of high bills.

Savings - Get the fully loaded package deal and all line rental is paid up front for 12 months.

Coverage - 3G Network covering more than 97% of the UK population.

Freedom - Dont get declined. Get accepted with a 100% guaranteed pass contract with a free phone

Upgrade - After 6 months upgrade to one of the latest smart phones of your choice.

If you already have a handset why not compare sim only or take a look at the question thats often asked can i get a sim only contract with bad credit, these are great if you already have a latest mobile like The iPhone