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Android Phones

Reasons you should use Android operating system Complete multitasking, run several applications simultaneously full intergrations with Google accounts like Googlemail, calander, contacts and Youtube.

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In typical Google fashion things are not done by halves and that is still the case with the reveal of the latest version of Android, introducing the new Jelly Bean.

Currently on millions of smart phones , tablets and mobile devices and is fast becoming the popular choice in mobile operating system with smart phones now to the fore of the mobile market.

Basically Android is an operating system which has been formed by Google. The latest technology and knowledge from the search engine kings have produced an open source mobile operating system, that turns your once called mobile phone, smart phone into a walking powerhouse. The needs of today are boosted giving you a mobile personal assistant, web browser and even a games console all combined into one with the help of the fluid OS.

An interface which combines the management of all your applications, with a great choice of apps (and growing daily) to download from Google Play which was once known as Android Market . These apps allow you to personalise your smart phone and turn it into your own little virtual pocket pc. Applications can be produced for virtually any need, so there is bound to be something useful on there for you from News channels and socail networking apps to keep upto date with, business tools or even just pure fun on the latest games or crazes.

An open system so it is contantly being improved, each update will being a fresh feel and new updates and features, all with a keen eye on a better mobile user experience. With this other downloaded apps are also upgraded by their developers and your Android will let you know when upgrades are available to download, which can easily be done in the background

The ability to organise your home screen or have multiple home screens. Home screens can house your favourite widgets which interact with apps for quick use, ensuring everything is right at your finger tips that you require.

Google over 40 millions activations for Android

The Worlds most popular OS everyone wants to have it and everyone wants it to operate their Smartphones, and are continually expanding.

Compare the Android smart phone specs with other Android mobile phones and smart phones you are interesting in with our compare android phones tool.

Style and openness for and apps many mobile project

The smart phone operating system brings Internet style innovation and openness to mobile phones. Android give you the chance to personalise your mobile.

Google have created a mobile device platform powered by the Linux Kernel on the premise of providing a flexible, upgradeable operating system accessing e-mail, text messaging, instant messaging, and access to the web, mobile applications, your calendar, and contacts.

Android also contains a rich set of APIs that allows third party developers to develop great applications through its open source project.

Google Play is a showcase for some of the featured and top ranked Android applications and games available for compatible phones. For a comprehensive, up to date list of the tens of thousands of titles available, check out Google Play on your new smart phone.

Reasons you should use Android operating system

Complete multitasking, run several applications simultaneously Full intergrations with Google accounts like Googlemail, Google calander, Google contacts and Youtube. Live application widgets and access to thousands of apps on the Google Play Seamless social networking intergration, to help keep track of your friends..