Sony Ericsson W8 16Gb MicroSD memory card

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Product Information

Get the most out of your Sony Ericsson W8 mobile phone device with the Integral 16GB Micro-SD Card. This is card only . Store more of your favourite images, music, games, data and movies on your mobile compliant device.

The Sony Ericsson W8 16GB Micro - SDHC Card If you put this 16GB microsd card into an adaptor it converts the Sony Ericsson W8 16GB Micro-SDHC card into a full sized SD card for use in digital cameras, PDAs, card readers and MP3 players so anything you get from your Sony Ericsson W8 you can also share with other devices

With a 16GB Micro SD Card an estimate on the amount you maybe able to store up to 14000 photos dependant on image quality and device you are using with or up to 3040 MP3 Songs or around 16 hours worth of music.

Ideal for capturing high definition images

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