Bad Credit Mobiles

Do No Credit Check Phones Exist?

YES - Buy a UK contract mobile phone deal with no credit check right here.

If you have a bad credit score due to a bad credit history and have been declined from elsewhere after applying, or maybe even a student looking for a short term contract with a mobile phone, then these no credit check pay monthly deals are just what you are looking for guaranteed.

pay monthly mobile with no credit check
See all the great offers with bad credit mobiles there is no credit check, just apply your details to the forms like a normal contract phone and get yourself a contract mobile now

No Credit Check

What we do

The aim is to provide a direct place for customers who have bad credit or are looking for a different type of contract mobile phone an alternative to the norm, where possibly they have been refused in the past or just not the right deal.

Face facts we all want a mobile phone but maybe CCJs or bankruptcy is stopping us doing so. 100% guarantee of acceptence means you have the freedom to just choose which plan is best for you.

This also is a great opportunity for Students who may move address for short term or parents looking for phones for kids with bill caps to avoid high tariff bills.

Benefits of these offers

Guaranteed - There is no credit check.

Flexibility - shorter term contracts.

Number - keep the same number that you have now.

Choice - Large range of tariffs and differnet phone models to choose from.

Savings - Get the fully loaded package deal and all line rental is paid up front for 12 months.

Coverage - 3G Network covering more than 97% of the UK population.

Freedom - Dont get declined. Get accepted with a no credit check contract with a free phone

Upgrade - After 6 months upgrade to one of the latest smart phones of your choice.

If you already have a mobile phone why not compare sim only or take a look at the question thats often asked can i get a sim only contract with bad credit, these are great if you already have a latest mobile like a iphone or samsung galaxy.


See the latest news on mobile phones for bad credit.

nokia c2 01

    Now there is an offer availabe for you to pay your contract line rental upfront for 12 months, and the full term of the agreement itself is also only 12 months. With free mins , txt and data and several handsets to choose from, this both works out a great Xmas present and a great saving too, currently starting at only £79.99

    With paying the monthly phone line rental up in advance there is also no credit check to pass.

    How would you like to pay your line rental all upfront in a oner

lg l3 2

    If your a student ready to start the new year with a mobile phone contract. Then we have set up a page for you with deals thaat will interest students and their lifestyle and requirements.


lg l3

    More mobile phone models have now been added to the bad credit mobiles deals with more latest ANdroid smart phones taking to the stage. Do No credit check contract phones exist, of course they do, get yours now

    More No Credit Check Mobiles Added

lg l3 2

    Paying upfront for your line rental contract package used to be popular and they vanished from sight, yet one network has changed all that and provided great 12 months contract packjages whereby you can pay your line rental upfront and make a great saving.

    advanced contract line rental

More Information

Phone and tariff for you to choose

Because you have bad credit it doesnt mean that you dont have choice. Different top phones including Android smart phones, which gives the chance to download apps to use for things like facebook and twitter, are available and free minutes , texts and data bundles on different tariffs, allow you to choose what pay monthly plan is guaranteed to be best for you. All that is asked is that the first months line rental is paid in advance.You may notice that 12 months contracts are offered meaning you are not tied in to long contracts and also the option to upgrade to a new latest smartphone after only six months.

Now there is even the fully loaded option which gives you 12 months line rental paid in advance with great savings, another great product.

Order Online instantly and the phone is sent out next day.

There is no need to hang around waiting for the network to credit check you, so after you have completed your order and paid your first months tariff monthly rental a new sim and number are allocated and ready for dispatch out to you.

Its not just about initial purchase.

If you want to control you financial position and ensure you do not have alarge monthly bills a cap is set ensuring you can do just that.

Not just specialise in the circumstances but a network and deals made for them.

Many other companies tend to offer their services to look for a mobile phone and more often than not a deposit will be required for the handset at very least or just a sim only will be offered. With a network that welcomes everyone, no credit check is done on the financial history of the applicant.

Why did OTHER contract phone networks decline me?

Generally like any other financial agreement a personal credit score check will take place and this is the same with a contract pay monthly mobile. SO with whom ever you applied you may not have hit their crdit score criteria to be accepted. The ones on this page are a guaranteed pass as there is no credit check.

Why have I got a bad credit score?

Generally this may be that you have too many financial agreements or due to difficulties in the past where you have not been able to meet the payments or at least not on time, this has an effect on your overall credit score and as these circumstances change, you score will go up or down. One way to check to see how yours is would be to gain your personal file from a credit file reference agency. Also if you go around trying everybody then your personal credit search will go down on application leaving you less chance of a mobile phone or any other financial agreement.

What are credit reference agencies?

The main ones used in the UK are Equifax and Experian and these use a complex system based on mathmatics to take your previous historical financial commitments and produce a score known as the credit score. This then is taken by the lender (contract phone suppliers) and dependant on their criteria will decide on a pass or fail on that application.