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BlackBerry 10 OS provides multi tasking, and makes use of specialized input devices, particularly the Blackberry trackball or touchscreen and allows complete wireless activation and synchronization with Exchanges email, calendar, tasks, notes and contacts.

Mobile executives and decision makers must make quick decisions, being unable to access information in the field makes it difficult to remain responsive and limits your decision making. The BlackBerry 10 phones solution allows you to enhance your Business Intelligence with access and prioritization of critical data from just about anywhere. BlackBerry 10 phones allows you get get your latest data.

Blackberry 10 OS can be used for so much more with apps available to add and download use Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10 phones for business and personal use.

The latest Blackberry phones include the Bold, curve and torch modelsalll offering Blackberry core features and a Blackberry phone you can be proud of .

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The new Blackberry 10 operating system has been released by Blackberry at the end of January, meaning Blackberry 10 phones will be available soon in the UK, see the Blackberry 10 coming soon list below.

Blackberry 10 OS

Do more on your BlackBerry Smartphone with BlackBerry App World. Download apps to check the weather, play games, track the market and more from BlackBerry App World. Find tons of apps designed for your BlackBerry smartphone in one convenient place in BlackBerry App World. With the BlackBerry App World application you can download and purchase apps right from your smartphone.

New Blackberry 10 with a new set of Blackberry smart phones released.

Blackberry 10 will see the introduction of a new Blackberry completely with blackberry Z10 and the qwerty keyboard style Blackberry Q10

Blackberry HUB

The Blackberty hub on the new Blackberry 10 operating system phones brings a whole new concept to Blackberry smart phones with the Blackberry Hub you have everything in one place, making it easier and faster to find the latest social networking updates like Facebook or Twitter, and all your daily needs all in one place.

Blackberry Hub Video

Blackberry 10 Keyboard

Built in intelligence to enable you to communicate alot quicker and easier with the virtual new Blackberry 10 keyboard. One thumb typing has become easy with the new keyboard, see this latest Blackberry video showing the new usage and advantages of the new Blackberry 10 keyboard

Blackberry 10 BBM

Switch your BBM chat to a BBM Video conversation with Blackberry Z10 smart phones and talk face 2 face. Even a share feature with BBM 10 to show multimedia. You can even share the view from your camera. It is an amazing new BBM experience for BlackBerry 10 OS mobile phones.

BBM Video Chat video

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    Blackberry have had success with their latest smart phones boith QWERTY and fulltouch screen and another full touch screen is rumoured with the possible release of the Blackberry A10 ...
    Another with the Blackberry A10?

    The touch screen version of Blackberrys' new 10OS phones has now released a new colour available with the Blackberry Z10 white contracts now online. The Z10 proved popular upon release and the arrival of the Z10 white will make the smart phone even more attractive.

    blackberry z10 white released

    Qwerty version of the new Blackberry 10 OS mobile phones has been flying as the orgiginal Blackberry lovers awaited the new keyboard phone, but now an option on colour with the Q10 white deals now available to buy.

    Q10 white qwerty option pops up with deals

    So more Blackberry's to follow with a rumopur of the Blackberry Z5, with the release of several new handsets covering the range of budget, medium and high range incuding new flagships , Blackberry are looking for there new OS10 handset series to cover all customers needs, from high spec to budget.

    Z5 could also be on the way

    Blackberry 10 additions growing with a new qwerty phone being the Blackberry Q5. Another QWERTY keyboard handset in the budget range smart phones was announced today which will have the Blackberry 10 operating system and is seen as the budget version of the Blackberry Q10.

    Blackberry Q OS10 grows